WAC Foundation

WHAT IS the “What About The Children? Foundation”………

The WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? FOUNDATION was established by Claudette McTaggart. Dedicated to the empowerment of children, the Foundation originated in Los Angeles participating in a variety of cultural events and within the local schools. Armed only with love, compassion and committed volunteers the WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? FOUNDATION continues to move forward.

The foundation desires to gather funds to bring to your community a permanent and stable WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? Service Center. The children are crying for love all over the world. You hear them in radio news, you see them on TV and you read about their pleas in their confused, wild and often times deadly actions discussed in the news. You see them in your neighborhood and in your family.

Please help them by uniting to stop the spreading destructive elements with the WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? FOUNDATION. Let’s begin to nurture these hurt children of all ages with love, creative activities, giving them experiences that can enhance their physical, mental, social, cultural, and emotional growth. What these children go threw on the inside is portrayed on the outside. When they are a mess and hurt inside they appear sloppy and dirty outside. When they are happy and being nurtured there is a glow of self pride that takes control and alters their physical appearance.

What About The Children? Foundation’s Activities Program has grown thanks to the vision of conscious and concerned parents and volunteers. We want to empower the children and encourage them to become healthy adults; with respect for self and others, high esteem, to be truthful, to have pride, wisdom, courage and a true appreciation of knowledge and family values. These are the qualities anyone would encourage or would like to see in their children. Don’t you agree? Working together for the children is the only way we can insure the future.

Email RudeGal for contact information on the foundation.