RudeGal's running tings

RudeGal.com is an offshoot of RudeGal Entertainment.  The website started off as a housing for all journalist contributions to the various publications that ‘RudeGal’ (the radio personality/journalist) had written for in the past including:  Reggae Nucleus Magazine, Spectrum Entertainment Profile Magazine, Mention News, Hydro Magazine, Punchline Newspaper, NOW Magazine, Cypher Magazine, ReMix Magazine, Miami New Times, Carib Press, Ozone Magazine, YB Magazine (Kenya), Cincinnati City Beat, In The House Magazine (Puerto Rico), Kubera Magazine, Gargamel Magazine (England), URB Magazine, Rap Sheet Magazine, Technitions Magazine, Urban Exchange Magazine and more.

The site was also home to the monthly “From Da Yard” dancehall news column (1996-2008) which was contributed to various print publications (Reggae Nucleus Magazine, West Indian Times and more) and websites both in whole format and abbreviated formats.  From the period of 12/97 – 3/99, the FDY column launched it’s online presence then housed at: www.dancehallminded.com. This was the very beginning of ‘RudeGal’s expansion into cyberspace and I will be forever appreciative of Jacquie Juceam’s support and the opportunity to be a part of one of the two top and foundational Dancehall sites.

Alot of forethought and planning went into the site before it’s initial launch in 1996.  By a fluk and a favor to a local Los Angeles club promoter (the first artist booking by RudeGal) the site went live six months prior to the appointed launch date.   There are aspects of RUDEGAL.COM yet to be fulfilled.  Overall the aim of the site is to be the forerunner as the ultimate resource for Dancehall; the music, the artists, the branding, the culture – but all these aspects are of course delivered with RudeGal’s unique touch and based on her years of strong relationships with artists, producers and labels. The one thing you will never FIND here is gossip and smut.   RudeGal has always prided herself and business acumen on honesty, integrity and the desire to push forth the genre into a viable business model with her contributions.

Over the years with expansion, RudeGal has drawn more into the background moving into artist management, marketing promotions, bookings and general consulting for various entities conducting business in this genre.   In addition to the change of focus, RudeGal is also expanding with more regional coverage and official RudeGal.com contributors.

RudeGal would like to thank everyone that makes this site possible; the dancehall producers (a special affection to my adopted daddy Donovan Germain, and my first two favorite producers Tony & Dave Kelly), all artists, soundmen, radio personalities, the many powerful men and woman committed to moving this genre forward (especially the dedicated women focused on doing big things for the music like;  Cristy Barber, Jacquie Juceam, Yolan Zanders, Janet Davidson etc) and countless others working hard for the progression of this genre.   A special thanks also to Merton and Drew of www.DancehallReggae.com for the support and cross promotions into their forum for years.